Our raison d’etre

boys to MEN Foundation is dedicated to developing boys and young men into responsible, ethical gentlemen leaders with integrity, through a range of programmes, initiatives and activities. It will address the decline in value systems and work towards correcting the social consequences of that decline in male youths. Values systems provide the compass that guides appropriate behaviour. The ultimate goal of boys to MEN is that males become global leaders of integrity in all spheres of life and endeavour.

What we stand for

Our Vision

To shape and produce a new generation of ethical, well behaved young men capable of providing strong, impartial leadership; constantly striving to become their best selves, and possessing the confidence to accept that others may wish to do likewise.

Our Mission

To inspire, nurture and develop males to become confident, adult leaders in society.

Our Motto

Integrity, leadership and equity.

Our motto encapsulates our core values, and reflects much of what is considered ‘good character’ in people, qualities necessary for real and lasting success in life, and for living well with others. Our deliberate choice of words for our motto connotes the following:

Integrity: honour, uprightness, loyalty to one’s values, adherence to a code of ethics, keeping one’s word

Leadership: responsibility, accountability, providing guidance, inspiration, direction

Equity: fairness, even handedness, rightness, justness, objectivity

Latest/upcoming news and events

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December 21, 2018

A Day with Banky W – Monthly Conversations December 2018

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December 13, 2018

‘Monthly Conversations’ with Banky W – December 20, 2018

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The ultimate goal of boys to men is that males become global leaders of integrity in all spheres of life and endeavour.

Ifeoma I. Idigbe
Founder and Executive Vice Chairman

What the mind conceives and the heart desires, the will will achieve.

- Ifeoma I. Idigbe